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Article l – Name

The name of the association shall be the Bronxdale High School Parent Teacher Association.



Article ll – Objectives

The objective of the association are to provide support and resources to the school for the benefit and educational growth of the students; to develop a cooperative working relationship between the parents and staff of our school; to develop parent leadership and build capacity for greater involvement; to foster and encourage parent participant on all levels; and to provide opportunities and training for parents to participate in school governance and decision-making.



Article lll – Membership

Section 1          Eligibility

Parents of students currently attending Bronxdale High School are automatically member of the BHS PTA. Parents include parents by birth or adoption, stepparents, legally appointed, guardian foster parents, and persons in parent relation to a child currently attending Bronxdale High School. Parents of a child who is attending Bronxdale High School fulltime while on the register f a citywide program are also eligible to be members of the BHS PTA. At the beginning of the each year, the association shall send a welcome letter to inform parents of their automatic membership statues and voting rights.


Membership shall be open to all teachers (and other category of staff granted membership rights, such as paraprofessionals, school aids, school secretaries, school social workers, and school counselors) currently employed at the school.



Section 2          Dues/Donations

The payment of dues cannot be a condition for participation or membership. However, each member shall be requested to make a voluntary donation of five dollars per family.





Section 3 Voting Privileges

Each parent of a child currently in rolled at Bronxdale high school shall be entitled to one vote. Proxy voting or absentee balloting is prohibited. Each teacher (and other category of staff granted membership rights, such as paraprofessionals, school aids, school secretaries, school social workers, and school counselors) currently employed at the school shall be entitled to one vote. The right of a member to vote may be limited by the conflict of interest restrictions outlined in chancellors Regulations A  - 660 (CRA -660).


Article lV – Officers

Section 1 Titles

The officers of the association shall be: president, vice-president, recording secretary, treasurer, and two trustees. The association must select the mandatory officers: president, recording secretary, and treasurer, in order to be a functioning association. There should be no qualifications for any office other than to be a parent of a child attending Bronxdale high school. The teacher representative will be selected by the principal.


Section 2 Terms of Office and Term Limits

The term of office shall be from July 1 through June 30. Our parent members are eligible to run for any office. Officers must be re-elected yearly. Term limits for each officer position of the association shall be a maximum of eight consecutive one-year terms. A candidate who has served the maximum numbers of terms maybe elected to set up an additional term provided no other interest the candidate is nominated and is willing to serve.



 Section 3 Duties of Officers

President: the president shall preside at all meetings of the association and shall be and ex officer member of all committees except the nominating committee. The president shall point chairpersons of association committees with the approval of the executive board. The president shall delegate responsibilities to other association members and shall encourage meaningful participation in all parent and school activities. The president shall will attend all regular meetings of the presidents’ council and shall be a mandatory member of the school leadership team. The president shall meet regularly with the executive board members in accordance to these bylaws to plan the agenda is for the general membership meetings. The president shall be one of the eligible signatories on checks. The president shall assist with the June transfer of association records to the incoming executive board.



Recording Secretary: the recording secretary shall record minutes at all association meetings. The recording secretary‘s responsibility shall include preparation of notice, agendas, sign in sheets and material for distribution. The recording secretary shall prepare and read the minutes of each association meeting and distribute copies of the meetings at the next scheduled meeting for review and approval by the general membership. The recording secretary shall maintain custody of the associations’ record on school premises. The recording secretary shall incorporate all amendments into the bylaws and shall ensure that signed copies of the bylaws with the latest amendments are on file in the principal’s office. The recording secretary shall be responsible for reviewing, maintaining and responding to correspondence addressed to the association. The recording secretary shall assist with the June transfer of all association records to the incoming executive board.


Treasurer: the treasurer shall be responsible for all financial affairs and funds of the association. The treasurer shall be responsible for maintaining an updated record of all income and expenditures on school premises and shall be one signatory on checks. The treasure shall adhere to and implement all financial procedures established by the association. The treasurer shall prepare and present a written report of all transactions at every executive board and general membership meeting. The report must include income, refunds, reimbursements and other expenditures, and opening and closing balances for the reporting period. The treasurer shall also prepare the associations’ interim and annual financial reports. The treasurer shall make available all books and financial records for viewing by members upon request and for audit. The treasurer shall assist with the June transfer of all association records to the incoming executive board.





Section 4          Election of Officers

Officers shall be elected anytime by the start of each school year. Employees of Bronxdale high school may not serve as members of the executive board. This restriction applies equally to employees who had a child currently attending Bronxville high school.


 Nominating committee: a nominating committee must be established during the May general membership meeting. The nominating committee shall consist of three or five members. The majority of the  committee members must come from the general membership. The remaining members of the nominating committee shall be selected by the president, subject to approval of the executive board. The nominating committee shall choose one of its members to serve as chairperson. No one employed at Bronxdale shall be eligible to serve on the nominating committee. No person who is running for office may serve as a member of a nominating committee.


The nominating committee shall solicit candidates from the membership in writing. Notices should be translated into languages spoken by parents in the school whenever possible. Nominating committee will also be responsible for conducting the election meeting.


The nominating committee duties include the following:

  • Canvassing the membership for eligible candidates.
  • Preparing and distributing all notices of any meeting pertaining to the nomination and election process, in accordance with CR A - 660;
  • Preparing ballots, Attendance sheets, a ballot box, tally sheets and all other materials pertaining to the election;
  • Verifying the eligibility of all interested candidates prior to the election; ensuring that an opportunity for nominations including self nomination, to be taken from the floor and then officially closed during the meeting.
  • Scheduling the election at a time that ensures maximum participation;
  • Ensuring that only eligible members receive a ballot for voting;
  • Ensuring that the election is certified by the principal or his or her designee immediately following the election.


If a nominating committee cannot be formed, the association must proceed with an expedited election -a single meeting where all nominations are taken from the floor for all offices immediately prior to the election.


Notices: the meeting notice and agenda for the spring general membership election meeting shall be distributed in accordance with CRA – 660 notice requirements. All meeting notices and agenda shall be available in English and translated into language spoken by parents in the school whenever possible. The distribution date shall appear on all notices. If nominations have been closed. The election meeting notice shall all candidates in alphabetical order by surname under the office for which they are nominated. 




Contest third elections and the use of ballot:

  • Written ballots are required for all contest it out office. Candidates must be listed on ballots in alphabetical order by last name for each office. Candidates running for a call offices must be listed together and voted for as a team. Where possible, ballots should contain instructions in the language spoken by parents other than English.
  • Ballots must remain in the meeting room until the election meeting has adjourned.
  • Ballots must be counted immediately follow weighing the conclusion of voting and in the present of any member and observer’s. Ballots must not be removed from the school. The association must retain ballots on school premises for one year following the day of the election or until the determination of any grievances filed concerning the election, whichever is later. 


Uncontested elections:

If there is only one candidate for an office, a member must make a motion to cast one vote to elect the candidate for office. A vote of the membership is required for approval of the motion. The result of the motion must be recorded in the minutes. 


Officer vacancies:

All officer vacancies must be filled by secession of the next highest-ranking officer. For example, a vacancy in the position for a of president will be filled by vice-president or next highest ranking officer. In the event that the office cannot be filled through succession, and expedited election must be held to fill the vacancy. Officers who wish to resign their position once an election has been certified must submit their written resignation to the recording secretary and immediately turn over all association records. The ranking of officers for succession purposes shall be: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Recording Secretary, Trustees.


Expedited election process:

Expedited election shall be held to fill vacancies in the event they cannot be filled through the session. The executive board shall be responsible for announcing vacancies and distributing written notices of the expedited election. All nominations must be taken from the floor, immediately prior to the election. If the election is contested, written in ballots must be used in accordance with section 4.3 of these bylaws.



Section 5          Education Council Selectors

In the case of co-presidents, call recording secretary‘s and/or cold treasures , the remaining executive board members will vote to choose who will be the Community Education Council, Citywide Council on high schools or district 75 Council selectors.


 Section 6        June Transfer of Records

All PA records must be maintained for six years. Outgoing executive board members must ensure that wreckers a transferred to newly elected executive board members, including our parent contact information obtained during their term of office. Transfer must occur on school premises. In the presence of the principal, the next practicable day after the election. At least one meeting will be scheduled during the month of June for this purpose. Any member of the executive board may request the assistance of the Presidents Council during this process.


Section 7          Disciplinary Action

Any officer who fails to attend three consecutive executive board or general membership meeting shall be removed from office by recommendation of the executive board or motion from a member. A 2/3 vote of the membership present is required for approval. The officer shall be given the opportunity to submit in writing an explanation showing good cause which explains his/her reason for not attending these meetings for the general membership’s consideration.


Association officers may also be removed for unsatisfactory performance through the process outlined below;

  • At any General membership meeting, and association member may make a motion to begin the process of removing an executive board member for unsatisfactory performance.
  • If the motion is approved by 2/3 of the assembled members, the general membership must select a review committee by majority vote. Executive board members may not serve on the review committee.
  • The review committee will gather relevant information and present it’s findings to the general membership to allow the members to make an informed decision about the motion. Findings must be prepared and presented in writing at a general membership meeting within 30 calendar days of the date of the motion. The associations notice and agenda must indicate that a vote will be taken by the general membership regarding the removal of an executive board member.
  • The result of the motion must be submitted in writing to the principal and the division of family and community engagement. 


Article V – Executive Board

 Section 1 Composition


The executive board shall be composed of the elected officers of the association. Officers shall be expected to attend all executive board meetings.


Section 2 Meetings TBD


Regularly scheduled meetings of the general assembly shall be held monthly,  September through June, on every third Monday right after the School Leadership Team meetings from 6 p.m. to 7p.m., unless such date falls on a legal or religious holiday in which case the meeting shall be held on the following or previous Monday. Regularly scheduled meetings of the executive board shall be held monthly, September through June at the discretion of the board


Section 3 Voting


Each member of the executive board shall be entitled to one vote. 



 Section 4 Quorum 


 A minimum of 2, and a maximum of 3 members of the executive board shall constitute a quorum, allowing for official business to be transacted.




Article Vl – General Membership Meetings


Section 1          General Membership Meeting


  1. The general membership meetings  of the association shall be held monthly, September through June, once a month on Mondays unless such date falls on a legal or religious holiday, in which case the meeting shall be held on the following or previous blank, as determined by the executive board. Written notice of each membership meeting shall be distributed in language spoken by parents at the school, whenever possible. Noticed must be sent at least 10 calendar days prior to scheduling meeting.


  1. All meetings, including committee and executive board meetings must be held in the associations’ home school. Under no circumstances are association meetings to be held in private residencies or commercial venues (e.g. restaurants and private clubs). 


  1. All eligible members may attend and participate in general membership meetings.


  1. Four. Non-members may only speak or otherwise participate, I   f acknowledge by the presiding officer.


Section 2          Orders Of Business

The Order of business at meetings of the association, let’s change by the executive board shall be: call to order, reading an approval of minutes, president report, treasurer report, principal report, school leadership team report, committee reports, old business, new business, adjournment.


Section 3          Quorum

A Quorum of six members of the association shall be required in order to conduct official association business. The quorum shall consist of a minimum of two executive members and four voting members.


Section 4          Minutes

Minutes of a previous meeting shall be available in written form and read for approval at every general membership meeting. The minutes of any association meeting must be made available to any member upon request.




Section 5          Special Membership Meetings

Special membership meeting maybe call to deal with a matter of importance that cannot be postponed until the next general membership meeting. The president may call a special membership meeting with a minimum of 48 hours written notice to parents and staying precisely what the topic of the meeting will be. Upon receipt of a written request from five or more association members, the president must call a special membership meeting within five calendar days of the request and provide 48 hours written notice to parents.



Sections 6       Parliamentary Authority

 Meeting rules of order should be adapted for use as a guide and included in these bylaws. Where no meeting rules of order are adopted, Robert’s Rules of Order - newly revised will be deemed to apply, provided that it is consistent with laws, policies, rules, and regulations. 


Article Vll  – Committees


 Section 1         Standing Committees 

 The president will appoint standing committee chairpersons with the approval of the executive board and all committees shall be established by executive board approval only chairpersons of the standing committees will be allowed to vote on executive board issues. The standing committees of the associations are the following:


Membership: the membership committee shall be responsible for encouraging parent participation, outreach at recruitment. The chairperson of the membership committee shall make every effort to coordinate their outreach efforts and strategies with the schools parent coordinator . The membership committee shall also prepare a newsletter to all members which contains, at a minimum, a message from the principal, association president, list of all executive board meetings, all associated meeting dates, students and parents events, school policies, budget and any other material deemed appropriate by the association. The committee shall also be responsible for maintaining a current list of members.


Budget: the budget committee shall be responsible for drafting one a proposed budget each bring for approval by the membership to a written review of the prior year’s budget, both of which must be presented for vote at the May membership meeting and three present the budget process. (See article 8, section 3.)


 Audit: The audit committee shall conduct an internal audit of all financial affairs of the organization. The treasures shall make all books and records available to the audit committee. The audit committee shall prepare a written report to be presented to the membership at a general membership meeting or upon completion of their review an investigation. 







Article Vlll – Financial Affairs

Section 1          Fiscal Year


The fiscal year of the association shall run from July 1st through June 30.


Section 2          Signatories


The president, co-president, treasurer, and secretary shall be authorized to sign checks. All checks require at least two signatures. Under no circumstances may spouses, siblings, in-laws or other relatives or members of the same household signed the same association check. An association member may not sign a check if she/he has any direct or indirect interest in the expenditures. 


Section 3          Budget

The executive board will be responsible for the development and/or review of the budget process, which include:

  • The outgoing executive board must review the current budget annual financial status, accounting, expenditures and outstanding bills and prepare a proposed budget for the next school year.
  • The proposed budget must be presented to and approved by the membership no later than the June meeting.
  • The incoming executive board must review the proposed budget in September for presentation and discussion during the September meeting. Budget amendment may be proposed at this time.
  • The executive board must present the budget process for membership approval no later than the October meeting. The accounting and handling of any cash, checks, or money orders received by the association must be completed by at least two association members. These association members cannot be related by blood or marriage. Funds must be counted in the school on the same day of the receipt. The association financial records must display the total amount of funds and the signatures of the association members who participated in counting of funds.
  • The principles written consent is required when a fundraising activity is held during school hours or on school property.
  • All funds should be deposited in the bank account by authorized Executive board members within one business day of receipt, but in any event, no longer than three business days. If the deposit will not be made within one business day, the executive board must ensure that all funds are secured in a locked location on school premises. The executive board must obtain written acknowledgment from the principal when association funds are secured in the school. Under no circumstances may fundraiser proceed restored in a member’s place of work or residence. Association funds must be taken to the bank for deposit by at least two authorize members.
  • Documentation related to every transaction must be maintain at the school (e.g. canceled checks, deposit receipts, purchase orders, association meeting minutes related to the financial transactions, etc.) 


 The budget may be amended by voted of the general membership at any membership meeting. 


 Section 4         Audit 


 The president shall request volunteers to form an audit committee of 3 to 5 persons. Executive board members who are not eligible Signatories on association checks may serve on the audit committee. The majority of the committee shall be compromise of general members. Trustees must serve on the audit committee.


The audit committee shall conduct an audit of all financial affairs of the association with the help of the treasurer who should I make all books and records available to them.


Additional duties of the audit committee may include examining all relevant financial statements and records of disbursements, verifying all association equipment and ensuring compliance with bylaw provisions for the transaction of funds.


The audit committee shall prepare a written audit report to be presented to the membership at a general membership meeting, upon completion of their review and investigation. This report shall be included for review and discussion during the June transfer of records. 


 Section 5         Financial Accounting


The treasurer shall prepare the interim parent association financial report by January 31 and the annual parent association financial report by the June meeting, including all income, expenditures, and other transactions. These reports shall be presented and reviewed by general membership. Copies of these reports shall be provided to the principal.


The treasurer shall be responsible for all funds of the association and shall keep accurate record in a form consistent with these bylaws and applicable regulations of the chancellor. In accordance with the Chancellors regulations A- 610, parents must obtain written approval from the principal before collecting fundraiser proceeds from students. The treasurer and at least one other officer shall transport all funds to the bank. Deposit slips shall identify the source of all deposited funds. All parties involved in the financial transactions shall initial deposit slips. All financial records of the association including checkbooks, ledgers, cancel checks, invoices, receipts etc., shall be maintained and secured on school premises.


Article lX – Amendment and Regular Review of Bylaws


These bylaws may be amended at any regular meeting of the association by a 2/3 vote of the members present, provided the amendment was presented in writing to the membership at the previous meeting, and appears in the notice of the meeting at which it is to be amended. Amendments are effective immediately unless otherwise specified. A thorough review of these bylaws shall be conducted every three years. All provisions of these bylaws must conform to CR A-660  and the department of education guidelines. 


 Any member may present a motion at a general membership meeting to amend a provision of these bylaws that is not in compliance with CR A-660. Amendments that bring the bylaws into compliance must be voted on immediately after the motion is presented. A 2/3 vote of the membership is required for approval. These bylaws as set forth above have been voted on and approved by the membership. 




















The most recent amendment was approved, in accordance with the provisions of article 9, at the membership meeting held on Monday, October 21, 2019.

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