I need help. What should I do?

What’s going on? 

What should I do?

I’m struggling or feeling generally like I need to talk to someone.





First, check in with your advisor.

Second, contact:


Ms. Lopez

[email protected]



Ms. O'Reilly

[email protected]



Mr. Lomonaco 

[email protected]


  • I have questions about college or my schedule 

First, check in with your advisor.

Second, contact:

Ms. Robinson

[email protected]


  • I’m not getting along with my teacher

  • I don’t understand what’s going on in class

  • I’m not getting along with a friend

  • Someone is being mean or rude

  • Someone is pressuring me to do something I don’t want to do

  • Any concern about safety (including you or someone that lives with you is sick and you can’t get online to do classwork)

  • Any concern about harassment

First, check in with your advisor. 


Second, contact:

Ms. Flores

[email protected]


Mr. Davis

[email protected]


Ms. Marlene

[email protected]


  • I need help with groceries/food during remote learning

  • My family has a concern with housing (rent, eviction notices, building maintenance) 

  • I don’t have internet access 

  • I don’t have a computer

  • My living situation is changing or has changed (I’m moving in with other family or other people, I’m moving away from NYC during remote learning) 
  • I/my family are undocumented (or don’t have papers) and not sure where to go for what we need

  • I want to talk to someone about having someone I love in jail/prison and I can’t talk to them or visit them

  • I need someone to help me with work or keep me accountable

  • None of these apply to me, I just miss my friends

First contact:

Ms. Jacqueline

[email protected]


Second contact:


  • I have an EMERGENCY!

  • If I or someone I live with is sick:

COVID Fact Sheet

NYC Health and Hospitals:

NYC Health and Hospitals will talk to you no matter your (or guardians) insurance status, ability to pay, or immigration status


If it warrants the police, dial 911.
If you need information or have a concern, dial 311


You can call these staff members for support. We cannot guarantee these calls will be answered outside of the 8am to 3pm window, but we will return your call as soon as possible.

Ms. White - 929-314-4759

Mr. Cuozzo- 860-717-2477



Ms. Robinson- 929-322-4203

Ms. Flores -646-493-1640

Ms. Lopez- 845-335-7826

Mr. Davis- 646-481-7729

Ms. Marlene- 929-335-4232

Ms. Jacqueline- 914-512-8815