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Title 1 and the Parent Advisory Council

Our Title 1 Representative/chairperson  for 23-24 is Ms. Yolanda Reid 
Tuesday Oct 7th at 7
Our Title 1 Parent Advisory Council for 23-24 are
Emilia Llano 
Michael Asieu 
Staff Support, Ms. Jojo (non voting/functioning member)
Our tentative Title 1 Pac Meeting Dates & Times Are:
Tuesday Oct 7th at 7
Following meeting dates will be posted




The focus of expenditures for Title I parent involvement funds is on building the capacity of parents of Title I participating children to be able to join in an effective partnership with schools to support high student achievement.  Expenditures should be planned in accordance with goals, objectives, and activities detailed in the district or school’s Comprehensive Education Plan.  Parents of Title I participating children must be consulted regarding Title I expenditures.  Such consultation must take place before any expenditures are made, be ongoing, and continue throughout the fiscal year.  Expenditures should be reasonable and be made in accordance with the New York City Department of Education policies and procedures as detailed in the Department’s Standard Operating Procedures Manual.



Examples of allowable parent involvement expenditures with Title I funds include:


Family literacy training

Parenting skills building

Meetings to engage parents in planning, development, and evaluation of Title I programs

Professional development for parents to enable all children in the school to meet City and State performance standards,

during the regular school year and the summer

Translation of information into any language spoken by a significant percentage of the parents of Title I participating children

Per session costs of hiring teachers to provide classes or workshops for parents  Reasonable expenditures for refreshments or food at parent workshops and trainings, particularly when parent involvement activities extend through mealtime 

ESL and GED preparation courses for adults

Evening classes that develop practical skills, such as computer proficiency Instructional supplies and materials


Equipment and books to create a lending

library collection for parents

Equipment and supplies for a parent resource room to be used for parent workshops and other training sessions Reimbursement to parents for such expenses as transportation or babysitting costs (with applicable receipts) associated with attendance at workshops, meetings, or conferences

Postage, communications, and printing to provide ongoing outreach and information services to parents Contracts with community-based organizations to provide parent involvement services more appropriately provided by an external agency

Distribution of home-based educational activities

Activities for non-English speaking parents

Expenses related to parent-teacher conferences


*Note:  This is a list of examples of allowable expenditures.  Allowable expenditures are not limited to this list only.