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Our school fosters a realistic, relevant, and hands-on educational experience for students. We use collaborative approaches that benefit students by teaching them skills they will need beyond high school, such as the ability to work in teams, solve multi-faceted problems, and apply what they learn in various settings. Our class sizes are approximately 22 students per academic course, and advisory sections have an average of 15 students each. We have an extended school day to provide structured time, individual attention, and other supports students may need to succeed, and have folded tutoring into the school day. Bronxdale helps each child develop the critical-thinking skills and habits of work necessary for success beyond high school.
Bronxdale belongs to District  11. According to inside schools:

District 11, in the northeast Bronx, borders Westchester County on the north and includes the leafy neighborhoods of Pelham Parkway, Eastchester, and Woodlawn; the high-rise towers of Co-op City; the tiny seaside community of City Island; and the low-rise apartments around Albert Einstein Hospital, Montefiore Medical Center and Bronx Municipal Hospital Center. The district has a mix of expensive and moderately priced single-family houses as well as co-ops and rentals. The district is home to PS 153, the Helen Keller school, which serves students with severe disabilities, those in general education and gifted students.


District 11 Contacts

[email protected]



Each district has two superintendents--one in charge of elementary and middle schools, one in charge of high schools--who appoint principals, evaluate schools and approves budgets.

Our superintendent is Ms. Fia Davis 

For individual parent concerns, contact:

High school family support coordinator: Amy Mendez, Email:[email protected]

Phone: 718-329-8074



For help with PTAs or district-wide events, contact:

High school family leadership coordinator: Irving Roman

Email: [email protected]

Phone:  718-741-3159