PGC (Peer Group Connection) is a program run by Bronxdale staff through the Center for Supportive Schools.  The staff stakeholders select a small group of seniors from our school community and propel them into leadership positions to help incoming freshmen acclimate to the school community and their new environment- through training and facilitation of outreach activities. The program also offers the space for these same leaders to grow and flourish as young people, through meaningful connections, new responsibilities, and new opportunities to engage with the community in and outside of Bronxdale High School. 


  • Observe changes in the freshmen and their comfortability and understanding of our school community.
  • Support freshmen in becoming more receptive to growth and wanting to improve as students and people
  • Support freshmen in becoming more comfortable being themselves and growing meaningful friendships and connections with their peers.  
  • Freshmen blossom into students that care about their emotional wellbeing.

Traits of a PGC Leader:

  • Natural role model 
  • Participate in school activities
  • Positively engage with peers 
  • Willing to step out of your comfort zone 
  • Community oriented 
  • Be Yourself


PGC to me has been my backbone throughout the school year and has cultivated a community that I adore and still talk to constantly. A memorable moment is during the PGC retreat when we had a little argument but all decided to come together afterwards to make sure we understood each other and knew how much we cared.”

Jasmine Harris,℅ 2023

PGC can mean a lot of things to many people, but to me personally it means being a good role model, being an inspiration for others, and showing love to one another. One of my favorite moments during my time in PGC was our daily circles and opening questions. I was able to be open with my peers and learn new things about them.”

Travis Notice, ℅ 2023

Some of the most important skills I have been able to carry with me from the Peer Group Connection program are leadership, time management, and communication skills. Being a PGC leader has made working with youth a lot easier for me because I already had the skills of leading activities, speaking to an audience full of youth, and creating a safe space where youth can share about themselves. Communication was also a big part of being a PGC leader because in order to maintain relationships and serve the purpose of a PGC leader, it was necessary to communicate well and often with the class we were assigned but also with other peer leaders when planning activities. Lastly, not showing up on time would increase workload on other peer leaders which gave us a sense of responsibility and allowed us to understand the importance of showing up on time, regardless of what is going on. Being on time was not only a way of being there for your peer leaders, but it also set a good example for the youth in the classrooms. These are skills that are necessary at every professional experience and I have been able to carry them with me since participating in the Peer Group Connection Program.”

Rolanda Bushi, ℅ 2019

“The significance of PGC lies in its acronym: Peer Group Connection. Without peers, who traditionally start off as two and branch off into many to form a group assembled off of shared interests, connections wouldn't be made, and life would be dull and lackluster. As a former member of PGC, I can attest that the program is truly unique. It allows you to learn more about your individuality as you mentor others through their high school experience, using your own as a blueprint. In the end, allowing them to grow closer to the leader they aspire to become.Within the program, you showcase yourself as a leader, whom your group of students will follow in the direction of all things thriving. If it weren't for PGC, and my former PGC leaders, paving the way, I'm not sure if I would have known the person who lives inside my skin as comfortably as I do today. I've gained more than I've lost in the program. I started with little to no knowledge about who I was, and today I only know who I am and who I will become, thanks to PGC.”

Romina Woods, ℅ 2022