1. The Bronxdale Culinary Arts Program runs various events throughout the year to support the school community. A select group of students who join the culinary academy plan, prepare, and organize these events. We want parents, friends, and family to come in and enjoy a meal created and executed by the Culinary Academy students at Bronxdale. Some of the events include the New Year, New You dinner, Mother's Day dinner, and a beginning of the year breakfast for the National Honors Society.

2. The beauty of the culinary program is that many students begin their high school careers with a known passion for food and cooking, while others are able to discover it along the way. Through a program with curriculum from the National Restaurant Association, students learn food service and restaurant management. Upon passing year one and completing the Pro Start assessment, students receive a certificate from the National Restaurant Association. This is the goal for every student. Some students discover their passion for cooking and wish to continue to take their learning to year two, which provides them with a certificate of completion for level 2 in restaurant management. Anyone receiving these certificates becomes an attractive candidate for an entry level position upon completing high school. These certificates also waive the experience component needed to get acceptance into all culinary schools. 

3. Many Bronxdale Alumni have attended culinary school- some have even gained acceptance to the Culinary Institute of America (Mr. Barone, CIA Class of '99). Each school year, the Culinary Academy takes a special field trip to the Culinary Institute of America to get a first hand experience of what school would look like. Lyanne Cuesta attended the CIA for culinary arts and worked as a line cook at Leonelli Taberna and as a pasta chef at Benno Restaurant in New York City. Anise Torres and Michael Cabrera both attended the CIA for their baking and pastry program after discovering their passion and preparing many of the fine desserts at our school events. Matthew Julius currently studies at SUNY Delhi. Melissa Martinez graduated from the International Culinary Center for Baking and Pastries in New York City. Upon graduation, Cynthia Gomez left to travel abroad and began studying Culinary Arts in Mexico City. 
4. We have many outside affiliations including, but not limited to: The National Restaurant Association, Pro Start, The Culinary Institute of America.