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My name is Ms. O’Reilly and I am the 9th and 10th grade guidance counselor here at Bronxdale High School! I recently graduated from Mercy College in May of 2021 with my Masters Degree in School Counseling and find myself feeling very lucky to officially start my career at Bronxdale. Prior to Mercy College, where I attended graduate school as well as coached the Women’s Field Hockey team for three years, I attended SUNY New Paltz. I studied Sociology and Psychology during my time in undergrad, and played on the Women’s Field Hockey team all four years. I was drawn to the human services field almost immediately upon starting my studies for Sociology and knew that working in education would most likely be my career path. 

High school is a time of uncertainty, frustration, sometimes disappointment, but it’s also a time of growth, promise, excitement and hope. My role as a guidance counselor is to advocate for students and promote academic, career and social/emotional development each step of the way. I look forward to working with students to assist them in recognizing their strengths and the potential that they can offer to the world once they have graduated from high school.