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Hey Bronxdale, Ms. Saunders here! I grew up in rural Illinois and studied geology and environmental science in college. I travelled a lot in college in order to learn about how different types of rocks, mountains, and river systems form and evolve over time -- I’ve seen a volcano erupt, climbed mountains out west, and hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. After college, working with students everywhere from Los Angeles to rural West Virginia, I led hikes and camping trips, and taught science and outdoor skills. In 2013 I moved to NYC and went back to school at the American Museum of Natural History to become a classroom teacher. I’ve been teaching Earth science in the Bronx ever since, and was lucky enough to join the Bronxdale community in 2019! I love teaching and learning about Earth and its surroundings through hands-on experiences, and I believe that it’s so very important to question everything and think critically in order to better understand the world around us.