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Hi everyone, I'm Ms.Baskin!  I teach US History and AP US History at Bronxdale, and I am a true history and politics nerd.  I love talking about current events and having spirited debates, so if you see something interesting in the news and wanna chat about it, come find me! I have been at Bronxdale for 8 years, and I'm also the 11th grade team leader.  I grew up in New York City, but then went to college in St.Louis at Washington University in St. Louis, where I majored in History and studied abroad in Morocco. After that, I lived in Chicago for a few years before moving back to NYC to go to Teachers College at Columbia University to get my teaching degree.  I love cooking, music, growing random vegetables in my yard, hiking, and traveling -- especially going on awesome Bronxdale trips to Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Utah, Washington state, and hopefully more. I believe every student's voice should be heard, and that young people truly have the power to change the world.  Come say hi!