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Family Letter and Consent Form for COVID-19 Testing

Attached you will find a letter and FAQ to share with your blended learning families that describes this initiative, along with a consent form that they need to sign and return in order for us to administer a COVID-19 test to their student. It is vital that we receive as many consent forms as possible, so please strongly urge your families to comply with this request. We know there will be many questions, and we are hopeful that these documents will answer them. Translations are available at

Here are top tips for a healthy Halloween

Here are top tips for a healthy Halloween:
 Stay outdoors: Try going to a scavenger hunt in a park or walking around your neighborhood to
see all the spooky decorations. Do not attend a haunted house or other indoor events.
 Keep your group small: The best idea is to keep to your own household. If you meet up with people
outside your household, stay outdoors and keep the group small. You should not go to parties. It
is not safe to host or attend large gatherings indoors or outdoors even if everyone feels well.
 Trick-or-treat safely: If you go trick-or-treating, be sure everyone is wearing a face covering, stay
outdoors and 6 feet away after knocking on a door, and bring plenty of hand sanitizer.


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the latest information on:
 How to complete daily health screenings for your child,
 Where to get tested for COVID-19,
 How to stay informed on COVID-19 cases in your school community, and
 What transportation to and from school looks like

Discipline Procedures During Blended Learning and Discipline Code Letters for Parents

In accordance with the DOE Framework for Great Schools, schools must be culturally-responsive spaces where students feel safe to be themselves and develop confidence. To help provide students with a safe, supportive, and inclusive learning environment, the Chancellor’s Citywide Behavioral Expectations to Support Student Learning (including the discipline code) outlines the guidelines and expectations for student behavior in school. The grades K–5 and 6–12 discipline codes for 2019–20 remain in effect for the 2020–21 school year, and apply to all students for both in-person and remote instruction.


Interested in adult education HSE, Spanish GED and ESL classes in the Bronx.


 The 2020–21 School Calendar
 Ensuring your school’s ventilation is in good working order
 How to get tested for COVID-19 before the school year begins
 How to stay informed on confirmed COVID-19 cases in your school community
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