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On Thursday 3/23 and Friday 3/24 we will be hosting Parent Teacher Conferences. As the first marking period of Term 2 is coming to an end, this is a great opportunity to collaborate with teachers regarding your child's academic progress.  


Please see sign up information below and contact your child's grade team leader with any questions. If your child is taking courses in different grades, please be sure to sign up for both. Remember that when you sign up for a time slot, please log in to Zoom during the time that you have chosen. Teachers do not invite the parents when their slot opens up. If there are no time slots available that work within your schedule, please email the grade team leader to schedule another time. We are also hosting a college information session with our Guidance Counselors. We want parents from all grade levels to pop in at any time to get an idea of what the college process is like. The earlier a parent starts to attend these meetings, the easier the process will be when their child reaches senior year.




Bronxdale College Info. Session:

Guidance Counselors Shantae Robinson, Lou Lomonaco, Justine O'Reilly

(For All Parents 9-12)

College Info. Session Zoom Link:

Meeting ID: 921 2414 6437

Passcode: 804655




Bronxdale Counselor and Social Worker Sessions:

Moncrieffe PTC - Social Worker (9th & 10th) Meeting ID: 896 6529 9207

Passcode: bxdale1





Justine O'Reilly's PTC - Guidance Counselor (11th & 12th Grade)  

Meeting ID: 432 078 9174 

Passcode: 6ikrqg



Topic: Lomonaco Parent/Teacher—Guidance Counselor (9th and 10th

Meeting ID: 918 6212 1619

Passcode: 919538  



Topic: PTC Counseling with Lopez

Meeting ID: 829 7796 7298

Passcode: 972834



9th grade team leader: Mary Zelenka, [email protected]


9th Grade Sign Up:


9th Grade Zoom Link:


Meeting ID: 990 0468 6227

Passcode: 15513




10th grade team leader: Tara Costigliola, [email protected]


10th Grade Sign Up:


10th Grade Zoom Link: Meeting ID: 944 8654 4143

Passcode: 777436




11th grade team leader: Julia Baskin, [email protected]


11th Grade Sign Up:


11th Grade Zoom Link:



12th grade team leader: Sean Garvey, [email protected]  


12th Grade Sign Up:


12th Grade Zoom Link:








Bronxdale Admin:

 Principal Grace White, AP A.J. Cloherty, AP Josh Cuozzo


Bronxdale Admin. Zoom Link:


Meeting ID: 966 0167 6157

Passcode: 421061