Bronxdale High School: Student Centered and Student Led

On Wednesday, September 28, Bronxdale hosted their first showcase visit since pre-pandemic. Visitors from the Urban Assembly, the Tiger Foundation and Stanford University met with students and staff and visited 9th grade advisories to learn about SEL practices at Bronxdale. It is one thing to know we do good work. It is another to hear it directly from our students. Students shared how they feel connections to staff at Bronxdale and how the staff have taught them to regulate emotions, articulate their feelings, and that they have been able to use these skills in their personal lives. They also shared that staff are open with their own feelings and struggles, which allows students to form deeper connections with the adults at Bronxdale and feel safe opening up. 


Because of our work centered on students' social emotional development, we were honored by the Urban Assembly.


Special shoutout to our Student and Teacher Panel of Rebecca Saunders-Weiss, Martín Chavez; our Advisories of Dennis Feliciano, Robert O'Keeff and April Gillen; and our SEL Leads Lourdes Lopez, Wesley Moncrieffe and Geraldine Almanzar



On Thursday, Principal White had the privilege of joining a small group of select Principals who were highlighted by Chancellor Banks for the work their school community is doing. As Chancellor Banks rolled out some new HS admissions criteria, he wanted to dispel the rumor that there are only a few "good" (specialized) high schools across the city and show families that within their communities there are excellent, high performing schools to choose from. Out of the over 400 high schools across the city, he selected a handful of schools to demonstrate principal leadership and strong communities. Bronxdale was one of the chosen schools. That is a testament to the schools collective work. Check the article out below:


Bronxdale High School is proud that as we continue to focus on doing the work in service of our students, our high quality programming is gaining attention and respect, organically.



Friday, October 1, we lifted student voice and leadership by holding our first Student Council elections! Thank you to Mr. Hirsch for organizing the election. Bronxdale continues to build community by repping our flags as part of Hispanic Heritage Month. Thank you to Pamela Zaiter and Martin Chavez for leading this charge. And our students showcased their baking skills as we held our first bake sale fundraiser of the year. Thank you to the Culinary Academy, Mike Barone, Michelle Stewart, Liljana Prifti and everyone who supported.